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The ministries at the Berean SDA Church are geared toward spiritual growth, family and healthy living.

sabbath school


Join us every Sabbath at 9:30 am to experience a deep Bible study.  Our different bible study teachers have varying background that brings the diversity needed for a wholesome experience.



Berean SDA is strategically situated at the Campus Religious Center in Illinois State University Campus Center.  We have a youth focus and provide a place for students seeking more in their spiritual life.



Our divine worship service begins in the Lord's sanctuary every Saturday at 11:00 A.M. when we meet as a family to seek God. Stay for a potluck on the 1st Saturday of the month! 



This is the part that everyone can participate in and return to God a portion of what He has blessed us with. Here is the link for online giving:



We have a health ministry which focuses on wholesome living. We are planning several health and temperance initiatives at our church; CPR Training and Medical Missionary and Health Training Classes on weekly basis.

Community Service


We have many programs geared towards impacting the community we are in, from sharing the good news through door to door networking to sharing food produce and donations.

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